About us

Sardinia Real Estate is a real estate agency operating throughout Southern Sardinia, a young reality but already established on the market in all branches of the sector: residential, commercial, tourism and luxury.

Sardinia Re owes its success to a modern and innovative approach, aimed at the continuous search for the most advanced tools for the promotion and enhancement of properties. Among the innovative tools we were the first to introduce marketing techniques such as Home Staging, for the enhancement of your home; the use of new technologies such as drones for the creation of promotional videos, and the creation of 3D floor plans, in order to offer service packages for all needs.

Sardinia Real Estate continues incessantly to implement the search for new promotional channels dedicated to the foreign and luxury market, as well as all those relating to the national market.

The attention and professionalism reserved for our customers are managed in all their aspects, from the sale of your home, to the search for the perfect property, through the management of all the necessary practices for the real estate sector, to ensure safe and transparent mediation. All this is possible thanks to the synergy of the skills that you will find in Sardinia RE, which sees in its team experts in urban planning, taxation, law, marketing and foreign languages.

The range of services we offer is aimed at satisfying all types of customers:

  • from the construction company, through the search for building lots and the planning of the product to be created according to the needs of the market with subsequent support for the sale;
  • to the private citizen, who wants to sell his house or buy a new one, through a weighted and realistic market evaluation of the property and its exploitation, making the sale coincide with the repurchase.

Important collaborations consolidated over time complete the opportunities that Sardinia Real Estate offers its customers, from those with colleagues in the real estate sector to those with banks and credit brokers, for a complete range of access to credit for all needs.

The team

  • Dott. Pietro Pusceddu, Estate Agent Graduated in Economics
  • Geom. Andrea Corona, Real estate consultant Majoring in Engineering and Architecture
  • Dott. Ing. Alessandro Argiolas, Technical Consultant Graduated in Engineering Building and Architectural
  • Dott. Andrea Dore, Consultant Accountant Auditor Graduated in Economics
  • Dott.ssa Giulia Cancedda, Real Estate Consultant and Property Finder for Foreigners, Graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures.
  • Lorenzo Cireddu, Real Estate Consultant skilled in new buildings.


  1. Carry out an inspection of the property being sold
  2. Estimate of the real market value of the property through comparative and analytical analysis
  3. Promote your property professionally on all major industry sites such as immobiliare.it, casa.it, idealista and about 150 other domestic and foreign paid portals
  4. Prepare the property for the sale through a photographic and scenographic service able to make the most of your property better known as "Home Staging"
  5. High quality photographs taken by a professional photographer specific for the real estate sector
  6. Promote your property not only passively but also with active marketing techniques, first of all by contacting all the people in our database who are potentially looking for a property of the type of yours
  7. Notarial checks relating to the current situation of the property
  8. "Targeted" technical checks so as not to have any nasty surprises in relation to the town planning and cadastral documents necessary to be able to buy and borrow the property
  9. Bureaucratic management of all the paperwork that may be necessary
  10. Collaboration with all the agencies in the area in order to be able to propose your property to the widest range of users
  11. Collect purchase proposals with a check as a guarantee of the seriousness and concreteness of the operation
  12. Preparation of the preliminary sale
  13. Registration of the preliminary and all documents according to the provisions of the law in force
  14. Assistance until the final deed
  15. Management of any properties purchased for investment
  16. Search for a new property for the seller intending to move


  1. Assessment of housing and family needs
  2. Search for the appropriate property
  3. Visit to the property of interest
  4. View of the relative documentation
  5. Credit advice with mortgage up to 100%
  6. Draw up the purchase proposal
  7. Preparation of the preliminary sale
  8. Assistance until the final deed
Sardinia RE
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