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The Sardinia Real Estate is an agency that differs decisively from other estate agencies that operate in the real estate sector. The establishment of a team has been the basis of overcoming the limits of real estate mediation, through an incorporation of various professionals and their ongoing collaboration . This has allowed us to build a company which is able to generate excellent results regarding the satisfaction of clients .Our approach is to be strong, dynamic, functional, skilled, legal, planned, technical, experts in financial and tax matters, which allows the client to be able to get a "keys in the hand" service, without having to go looking for other professionals. These skills allow our clients access to targeted marketing campaigns for each property, as well as a natural smooth sale in the minimum amount of time possible and with the highest market value, without additional charges for our customers. Last but not least, the moral aspect, the basis for all our contact and negotiation is subject to an aspect of Transparency and Integrity, core values to ensure peace of mind in the purchase process to the customer.

The team

Dott. Pietro Pusceddu Estate Agent Graduated in Economics

Geom. Andrea Corona Real estate consultant Majoring in Engineering and Architecture

Dott. Ing. Alessadro Argiolas Technical Consultant Graduated in Engineering Building and Architectural

Dott. Andrea Dore Consultant Accountant Auditor Graduated in Economics

Sardinia RE activities: Our main fields related to the real

  • Buying Residential Real Estate, Commercial, Industrial, Tourist, Building on Land
  • Lease Property Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Tourist.
  • Assistance to Private individuals who wish to Sell, Buy, or Rent a Property.
  • Personal Shopper and Property Finder for Multinational Enterprises and Individuals
  • Management of Foreign Clients in foreign languages
  • Photography Services with remote-controlled drones
  • Enhancement of the highest level for each property with Home Staging ** combined with a photo shoot / video performed by professional photographers
    ** HS Purpose is to enhance the property offered for sale, so that it should be on the market for the shortest amount of time possible.

Home Stager task is to de-personalize the building, through simple and economic cleaning and re-definition of spaces and furnishings, to make the same harmonious building, pleasant and friendly, and thus more attractive on the market. Originally from the US, where it has been a defined and recognized profession for decades, the HS for some time has also been used in Europe, but only recently has also emerged in Italy. American studies show that, the potential buyer of a new home, the purchase decision to materialize in the first 90 seconds, then it is almost always an "emotional" decision: for this reason, therefore, the work of 'Home Stager is now a certain and essential part of the property sale.


Sardinia Experience


What do you look for in Sardinia?

Enjoy Sardinia to the maximum, if you want a simple agency that rents houses, site changes, go elsewhere ....Here we do not provide simple rentals, but a versa experience of Sardinia.

A holiday built around you! Our mission is not simply to "lease or sell" a home to the first tourist; but to make him feel at home; all members of our agency are Sardinian, and only a local person can do their best to appreciate the fruit of their land of origin.

Upon arrival at the Airport you will be welcomed and assisted in all aspects in order to turn your holiday into a dream.

What are the major worries that plague a holiday? Where do I go? Will I need a doctor? Places that I will see? ...

With the contract signed you will have an active active phone number 24hr a day to solve all your problems

  • Boat trip: can offer all kinds of excursions in the middle of the beautiful sea of Sardinia, from degrees in boats, and in small rafts by a few people, all to enable you to be as close as possible to the unspoilt coastline accessible only via sea.
  • Dinner with a waiter in your house on holiday with your partner? Offer them a beautiful dinner directly in your holiday home; a chef will come directly to your home to cook to your own taste the best delicacies of Sardinia, from fish to meat, from the fantastic to the famous first sebadas. Each dish will not be pre-cooked but will be cooked right at your home to make sure you can appreciate the true freshness of Sardinian typical products. Each delicacy can be agreed with us before dinner so you can prepare a menu up to your taste and standard.
  • Airplane trip- with just a camera you can enjoy the view of the crystal clear sea on one side and the other a beautiful twin-engine, driven by an airplane pilot. The routes can be customized according to your request; The starting point will be from Elmas airport, with a direct route to the coastal zones which is inward.
  • Trekking Excursion : Get in touch with nature? Like being able to breathe clean air in the countryside? We can arrange a location for each type of nature lover, from the simplest to those who ventured recently into the hiking world, up to the most difficult and tiring for experts in the field; everything with absolute freedom of choice, even with the aid of an expert tour guide.
  • Diving for sea lovers and for large and small diving trips. A guided tour of the best venues of the island and the Mediterranean Sea.
Sardinia RE
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